[Asana] Break this mountain down

This post is a chapter from my ebook “Become an Asana superhero (cape not included)”, available for order now!

You are facing a mountain, a beautiful but tall mountain. How do you climb it? One step at a time, stopping at base camps, after careful preparation. If you’d climb a mountain one step at a time, why do you have a task called “Write a book” or “Save Gotham” in your Asana, goddamn it? I feel you — we have all been there, you are telling yourself that if it is in Asana, I will get it done someday, for sure! You are lying to yourself. You will never find the motivation to start such tasks. Do you really think that during a cold spring afternoon, with rain falling outside and drinking a hot tea, you will stumble upon the “Write a book” task in Asana and tell yourself “Great, let’s start now!”.

You need a plan. You need to divide a task into subtasks. Then when there are too many subtasks, you can turn the task into a project (there is actually a button for it in Asana). Then when a project is not enough, you might create another project. And then group projects under a team. Maybe invite a co-author in the team. One step at a time.

Bonus advice: you should never have any “big” task inside Today or Upcoming sections. If you created a task called “Save Gotham” and the first subtask is “Discuss with Lt Gordon about the idea”, then the latter needs to be assigned to you and stored in My Tasks. The big task should be nowhere to be seen, it is too scary (I know, you are not scared of anything). When you are done with the first subtask, move on and assign yourself the second subtask (no, capture the Joker is also too big for a task).