Find a common pattern #Asana #templates

We all have things we are required to do over and over again. Whether it is packing for a holiday or coming up with a grocery list, patterns can be found everywhere. A developer will actually tell you: never do the same thing twice! Thanks to Asana and its useful features, you can duplicate a task or a project to save time and not forget anything.

When duplicating a task, its notes and subtasks are carried over so all the value is retained in the list of subtasks. You can have a “groceries” task, where your shopping items act as subtasks which you duplicate each time you go shopping.

When duplicating a project, all tasks (and their subtasks) are copied, allowing you to go one step further. You can have a “holiday packing” project that you duplicate whenever you need to plan for a holiday.

Once you find a pattern, make sure to create a “template task” or “template project” that you leave untouched. Duplicate this task or project but do not use the template. However, do not forget to go back and update the template if you want to improve it. You can also stick with one task/project — but any deletion means that you won’t be able to retrieve or copy the deleted content ever again.

If you are a Premium user, you can use Templates inside Asana!

Bonus advice: templates are exactly what Templana is made for. There are more than a hundred templates at your service on the platform, and they can help you to save precious time. Going to Burning Man? There is an already packing list you can use for your trip. Going to a football game on Sunday? Have a look at the Tailgating Checklist.