Not everyone will use Asana

Your wife is not using Asana, but you would like to assign tasks to her. Robin isn’t on Asana either? That’s a shame. I have been there, and I managed to convince both my wife and assistant to use Asana, but you might not be this lucky. In fact, you might want to assign tasks to your uncle, brother, tax collector, or even your insurance advisor, but they might not use Asana.

What is an assignee anyway? It is someone who needs to do something and is informed about it. You need your uncle to send over the vacancy dates for his house in California? Email him or text him about it, as well as create a follow up task. Assign it to yourself, add a due date and sort it under Later (we’ll see in the chapter about Alfred the Butler that the task will come back magically). Don’t hesitate to follow up with your uncle when the task returns to your Inbox after a few days/weeks. Use comments under the task to track your progress.

If you want to collaborate with people using other tools like Trello or Wrike, you can also trust Unito, which is an equally reliable resource (check out their website for instructions).

Bonus advice: you can create a project to hold all those tasks that have been “assigned” to others and review them regularly (set up a recurring task to remind yourself to do the review).