Playground rules don’t apply here #asana #integrations

When you were a child, you might not have been the most popular kid in school. Maybe nobody wanted to play with you. Peter Parker (Spiderman) was not very popular either. Well, that time is over.

Thanks to the numerous integrations that are available, kids can now play with you by using a wide range of tools. I suspect Marc, the founder of Unito, to be that kid who was often left in the corner with no one to play with. He created this wonderful tool that enables children from Asana, GitLab, Basecamp, Trello, Wrike, GitHub, Jira and BitBucket to interact and play together.

Oh, you did not manage to convince your coworker to switch from Trello to Asana? Worry not, because there are greater battles to fight. Settle down and use Unito to build a bridge between the two programs, and collaborate seamlessly. Let’s meet in the middle of that bridge and hug your coworker.

Asana has a complete list of integrations available. Be it Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Trello or whatnot they are all there.

Bonus advice: if these integrations are not enough, check out Zapier. It can help you build the bridge between Asana and your favorite apps.