[Asana] Stay away from Personal Projects

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Personal projects are very important. I have myself a few side-projects that I love (this ebook being one) so I am not saying you should stop having them. I am just saying using the “Personal Projects” workspace in Asana is a very bad idea.

Asana has three top-level containers for projects: Workspaces, Organizations and Personal Projects. Workspaces are a bit hidden (you need to go to your Profile Settings). Organizations are the main container. They are based on your email address domain name. And there are “Personal Projects”. This “special workspace” apparently disappeared recently for new accounts, but you might still have it or use it if you created your account a while ago.

Stay away from “Personal Projects“. This is an old and incomplete version of Workspaces. It has many limitations: you can’t drag and drop projects for example (they stay in the order of creation) and you cannot create tags. These are the visible limitations I know of; there might be others.

The reason for this behavior is simple: “Personal Projects“ is a big project all users share. However we only see the tasks that belong to us. That explains the two limitations: you can’t use tags because that would mean seeing tags of other users, and you can’t reorder projects because even if you don’t see it, that would mean ordering your projects inside everyone’s projects.

Bonus advice: create yourself a workspace called “Personal Projects” after having left the original “Personal Projects” if you really want to stick with the name.

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