Steal time and knowledge #Asana

A few years ago, I founded a mobile and web agency with two friends. We evaluated various tools to manage our clients’ projects as well as our internal work, and gave Asana a try. Ever since then, I never turned back. After using Asana for a few months, I looked back at our workspace (organizations did not exist at that time) and realized one thing: we had found a pretty decent way to organize our tasks and manage prospections, financials, brainstormings etc. What if other agencies could find it useful? What if other users developed processes that would be useful to the community? That is how the idea of Templana emerged.

The best way to describe Templana is through giving examples. With the help of Templana, you can use an Asana project that is already pre-filled with tasks to follow. With more than a hundred templates for users to choose from, you can accomplish feats such as growing your business, organizing your wedding or launching a Kickstarter campaign.

I quickly developed a prototype and presented the idea to my friends. They thought it was a good idea, but we were unable to determine if it would be useful to others. In four years, our templates have been downloaded 55,000 times, we have sold 1,500 templates and our webpages have been viewed almost a million times. This has been an amazing and priceless adventure.

We started with free templates that we created ourselves, and which aimed to help people manage a web agency or manage their lives. We quickly introduced premium templates that were larger in size and of a higher quality. Then we allowed external users to submit their own templates, or sell them and share revenue with us. More recently, we created “private repositories”, allowing clients to share their templates with their own customers or users in a password-secured area. A life coach could, for example, share his “Get My Life in Order” template to his students!

We are not sharing “content,” per se. We are helping you to save time and access knowledge. Most of our templates can be re-created if you spend enough time on the Internet or ask a friend who is working in a given area of expertise. We allow you to steal time and knowledge from others.