[Asana] Your ideas are all worth it

This post is a chapter from my ebook “Become an Asana superhero (cape not included)”, available for order now!

You are driving on a beautiful road, mountains on your left, ocean on your right, your cape flying behind you. Your mind wanders for a moment and floats between thoughts. Then, it hits you. The next big thing. The brilliant idea. This is the kind of idea that can change the world.

You don’t want to let this idea go away. You need to write it down, keep it somewhere. And you know deep down that Asana is the right place for your idea. You take out your phone. No, you won’t be launching the Asana app, since it might not be the quickest way (remember, you are driving). You actually open the Mail app, and email yourself a task to Asana. Back home, you elaborate on the idea, create a few subtasks, grow them into projects, build the idea, become rich and famous, and when you get interviewed by The Times, you remember where it all started, here in this book.

But let’s go back to our perfect scenario, because we need a little preparation. Create a new contact in your Phone, called “Asana” for example, and use the email address “x@mail.asana.com”. Next time a big idea hits you right in the gut, email a task to this address from the email address you use for your Asana account. The subject of the email becomes the task title, and the body becomes the notes. It also works with everyday tasks (pay the bills!) in random situations (in the shower!).

If you have an iPad or an iPhone, Asana is now integrated within Siri and you can ask Siri to create tasks for you! No more dangerous behavior while behind the wheel. If you use Gmail, Asana now has an integration, and if you use Outlook, check out Sendana!

Finally, if you have the 3D Touch on your iOS device you can hard press the app icon to create a task quickly.

Bonus advice: in the contact name you create in your contact book, include a super easy to type word like “aaaaa” in the contact name so that you get a nice autocompletion for this contact while driving and typing “aa” quickly. For example, my contact is called “Asana personal projects aaaaaa”. Because typing “Asana” at full-speed might not be the best idea, just typing “aa” is easier.

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