Your own Pepper Potts #Asana

Asana can be the secretary you never had, and be as capable as how Pepper Potts is with Tony Stark (Ironman). Anything related to bills, health care, insurance, and banking can be and should be dealt with in Asana. And if you do have a secretary at work, Asana is the perfect bridge between the both of you.

You are about to send a letter to your insurance company to make a claim? Quickly take a picture of the letter, email it to your Asana account, add a due date that is a month from now, and push the task to Later. One month later, you will be reminded of the letter and be able to complete the task (the claim has been resolved) or update the task (you just emailed them for a status update).

Did you receive a letter from tax services asking you to pay your taxes? Email a picture of the letter to Asana, archive the letter, and deal with this request inside Asana.

Having all your tasks in one place, instead of three or more (e.g. Asana, email inbox, regular mailbox, post-it on your desk etc…), will help prioritize what needs to be done! And when the insurance company calls back in two months stating that they did not receive the letter, you will be thrilled to find a copy of it!

Bonus advice: make sure that the process of dealing with administrative tasks does not become more time-consuming than dealing with it in any other way. Sometimes, a good post-it and placing the unpaid bill on the dinner table is simply what works best.

If you need an assistant, I have a dozen assistant that use Asana on a daily basis and could save you hours of work! Let’s meet the Heroes on demand team!