Life After College

Life after college is a lot. There are bills to be paid, full time jobs to go to, and a whole world of uncertainty ahead. The sheltered blanket you were once able to receive has now been shed, and you are now faced with complete submersion in adult life.

Professional head shot of Trevor Diehl.

Trevor Diehl PhD, is a firm believer in doing what you want to be doing. He describes life after college as a “balance” between money, a successful career, and what you actually want to do. He has not had a straight path to where he is today, a current professor at Central Michigan University, and has gotten to this point by trying new things.

You are only young once. That is the perfect time to take risks, figure yourself out, and find enjoyment and success in your endeavors. Never be afraid of a new opportunity, because it might just be what you were looking for.