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Pittsburgh Startup Community Gift Guide

100-page Sunrise Large Journal; $25 from Gingerly Press

Beer Enthusiast Box; $50 from First Sip Brewbox

Face Mask Duo; $30 from Nollapelli

Sunrise Journal from Gingerly Press; Beer Enthusiast Box from First Sip Brewbox; Face Mask Duo from Nollapelli

Geometry Storage Container: Triangle; $15 from Otto Finn

Lavender Dry Shampoo; $14 from Lovett Sundries

Midnight Forest Collection Bowtie; $65 from Knotzland

Geometry Storage Container from Otto Finn; Lavender Dry Shampoo from Lovett Sundries; Midnight Forest Collection Bowtie from Knotzland

Primary Moosh Joggers — Black; $50 from Daily Bread

Speckled Pour-Over Set; $48 from Stone + Sparrow

Stash Pack; $140 from Clark Morelia

Primary Moosh Joggers from Daily Bread; Speckled Pour-Over Set from Stone + Sparrow; Stash Pack from Clark Morelia

Steel City Dad Hat-Yellow; $25 from Rebel Bred

The Original Daggerfish Backpacking Fishing Pole; $60 from Daggerfish Gear Company

The Porter in Fruitsnack; $149 from Moop

Steel City Dad Hat from Rebel Bred; Original Backpacking Fishing Pole from Daggerfish Gear Company; The Porter in Fruitsnack from Moop;

Tibetian Singing Bowl / Purple Cushion; $65 from Frank & Myrhh

Toaster Pets Studio; $64.99 from Toaster Pets

Treecup Organic Iced Tea 12-Pack; $35.95 from Treecup Tea

Tibetian Singing Bowl from Frank & Myrhh; Toaster Pets Studio from Toaster Pets; Organic Iced Tea 12-Pack from Treecup Tea

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Ascender is a vibrant hub with educational programs, mentorship, expert coaching, incubation and a collaborative coworking space that helps drive innovation.

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