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AscendEX Listings: Treating Altcoins like First-Class Cryptocurrencies

AscendEX, a leading global digital asset trading platform, has quickly gained a solid reputation for listing some of crypto’s hottest new projects. In 2020 alone, AscendEX users enjoyed exclusive access to some of the industry’s best projects, with its auction facilitation for Stafi, Serum, and xDai Chain. A recent report ranks AscendEX as the number one exchange with respect to current and all-time-high ROI for IEOs, even beating out Binance. This success is no coincidence; it’s a direct result of AscendEX’s unique process for listing new projects.

Finding top quality cryptocurrencies

AscendEX is known for building extensive relationships with projects beyond just listing to encompass marketing support, community engagement, and infrastructure buildout. Project teams find it refreshing to collaborate with such a strategic partner as AscendEX, rather than just paying a fee to have an exchange list their token without any additional value-add.

The criteria AscendEX employs in the due diligence process is expansive and ranges from assessment of a token’s economic design, a project team’s professional background and experience, to community engagement / sentiment. The team focuses on finding projects that are interested in creating a sustainable business value and building long-term relationships: AscendEX is not interested in working with projects that are simply looking for the quick “price to go up” so they can sell.

AscendEX understands crypto market dynamics

In preparation for listing, AscendEX advises project teams very closely on things like token distribution mechanisms, and secondary market liquidity strategies, all crucial for building retail excitement that can lead to promising price action once trading launches.

While fundamentals are indeed important, they alone are not sufficient to promote a project’s success. Other factors, like marketing, also play a critical role in making communities aware of a project’s compelling fundamentals and converting profit-motivated speculators into long-time supporters. Still, passionate evangelists and strong fundamentals are not enough to lift a project out of altcoin obscurity if the tokens can’t get into the hands of the users.

Finding the right token distribution structure is critical for long-term success. Without understanding its impact on liquidity at launch, projects often offer significant discounts to early-stage investors and grant these investors immediate access to unlocked tokens following listing. This can result in significant selling pressure and price depreciation, which ultimately harm new retail supporters and hurt the project in the long run. Projects need to find long-term-focused partners that are willing to be patient before they can take profit. AscendEX applies this holistic understanding of market dynamics to each new project’s go-to-market strategy to make sure it’s aligned for sustainable success.

The next best listing is only a click away

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