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AscendEX Weekly Roundup

One-minute Digest on Us and Market

Aug 29 — Sept 4, 2020

Market Watch

  • According to Huobi Global, YFI price hit record high of $44,000.01 on Aug 31, making it the first token to yield 10,000x return (within 43 days) in 2020.
  • Total Stablecoin Market Cap in Aug reached $16.2 bln. Over 80% of that derives from USDT’s market cap ($13.5 bln ).
  • Volatility returned — On Sept 3, BTC price dipped below $10k to as low as $9943.5 before rebound; ETH fell below $400 to $372.2.
  • DeFi Data (as of Sept 4, 10 AM UTC): Market Cap $15,393,429,455 (Coingecko); Total Value Locked $8.91 bln; Uniswap Dominance 19.83% (DeFi Pulse)

Latest Listing

Aug 31 — FinNexus (FNX) listed under the trading pair of FNX/USDT. FinNexus is the new open finance protocol being built on the Wanchain blockchain.

Sept 3 — OIN Finance(OIN) listed under the trading pair of OIN/USDT. ATH ROI reached 2,825%. The OIN ecosystem is built upon the second layer of OINChain, giving it crosschain capabilities and access to various public chains.

Sept 4 — Akropolis (AKRO) listed under the trading pair of AKRO/USDT. As a project, Akropolis mission is to give people the tools to save, grow and provision for the future safely and without dependence on a geography, a central counterparty, or falling prey to predatorial financial practices of multiple intermediaries.

Sept 4 — Akropolis Delphi (ADEL) to be listed under the trading pair of ADEL/USDT. ADEL is A Non-Sale Product Governance Token for Delphi, a DeFi yield farming aggregator developed by Akropolis team that offers synthetic savings and high yield “accounts”.

Activity in Spotlight

  • Trade AKRO & ADEL for a chance to share 350,000 AKRO tokens.
  • Join BitMax and Akropolis(AKRO) Mini-Quest to learn and win up to 2800 AKRO!
  • Launched BitMax Community Captain Program. BitMax community captains can participate in the development of the BitMax’s ecosystem and receive the rewards for their contributions throughout the process.

DeFi Project Highlights

  • Serum(SRM) Staking Service available: instant unbonding & compound mode; 3x Margin Trading for SRM supported.
  • OM Pre-Staking Program: 88.88% est. APR

Note: Please refer to announcement on official website for further details.



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