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Invest in Digital Assets with AscendEX

AscendEX is a Singapore-registered global digital asset trading platform founded by a group of ctrading buildout, AscendEX has steadily expanded to a broad range of investment products, capturing increasing market share along the way. In 2020, AscendEX partnered with some of the year’s most exciting projects for listings, including xDAI, Orion, and Serum, generating significant ROI for early participants and AscendEX users. The platform’s success is driven by a singular vision: adding real value for all of its partners.

Not just another cryptocurrency exchange

The AscendEX team takes great pride in their ability to build strategic relationships with projects that extend beyond the initial listing, encompassing marketing support, community engagement, and infrastructure buildout. Projects can also get advised on some of the more market-specific elements of successful listings like token distribution mechanisms and secondary market liquidity strategies.

AscendEX actively seeks out synergies with other cryptocurrency exchanges wherever possible. That might take the form of conducting a joint listing, for example the Serum listing was conducted between AscendEX & FTX, or sharing liquidity on an aggregated order book.

The desire to collaborate with other exchanges comes from one of AscendEX’s core beliefs, that the crypto industry does not have to be a zero-sum game — just like traditional equity markets, there is room for multiple key players to co-exist for potential better market liquidity and adoption.

While collaboration is quite rare amongst centralized exchanges, which can often be adversarial with one another, ultimately, there is a lot of value derived from working with others in the space. The evidence can be seen in a recent report which ranks AscendEX as the number one exchange in terms of current and all-time high ROI for IEOs — beating out platforms like Huobi, OKEx, Kucoin, and even Binance by a significant margin.

Do more than just buy Bitcoin: AscendEX staking, yield farming

Having a solid range of quality markets — deep liquid, high trade volume, diverse user base — is crucial for a digital trading platform; users want to do more than buy and trade Bitcoin. As the cryptocurrency industry matures, it’s becoming increasingly important to expand and build out ancillary products to further enhance the user experience.

Products like staking or yield farming allow AscendEX users to interact with the most exciting features of the crypto ecosystem directly from the platform. This forward-thinking approach helped AscendEX become the exchange of choice for the industry’s hottest DeFi projects, collaborating with those sought-after DeFi projects such as Thorchain, Stafi, and xDai STAKE, well before the DeFi trend took off.

Access exciting new listings and the hottest new DeFi projects

Don’t miss your chance to capture value from the next listing! Visit AscendEX online and sign up today to start taking advantage of exclusive access to some of the industry’s most promising projects (like listing for Stafi, Serum, xDai Chain), industry leading liquidity for altcoins, and innovative staking support that no other exchanges offer.



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