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Kasta Twitter Space AMA

The Kasta team’s Mathieu Sylvain sat down for an AMA with Gage from AscendEX on Twitter Spaces. Here is the summary of the main points made during the discussion:


  • Provides instant crypto payments
  • No fees
  • High transaction speeds


  • Making it easier to spend crypto than fiat on everyday items
  • To encourage the global mass adoption of crypto payments
  • To become the Venmo of Crypto
  • App release to start in Europe
  • Plan is to release crypto credit card

Product offerings

  • Simplified, free and instant crypto payments
  • High speed transactions compared to competitors
  • Low gas fees
  • Provide merchant services to enable businesses to take full advantage of Orion
  • Staking pools
  • Referral rewards programs
  • Easily adoptable features offering a seamless user experience for customers and merchants


  • CEO is an expert in digital marketing with a finance background
  • Co-founders come from the startup space
  • Product development specialists with impressive backgrounds
  • Strong marketing team that is data driven
  • Dev team has a strong crypto background

Token Details:

  • Yield multiplier
  • Staking
  • Staking pools
  • Cashback yields
  • Platform governance capabilities for token holders



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