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Orion Protocol Twitter Space AMA

Timothea and Stephan from Orion Protocol sit down for an AMA with Gage from AscendEX on Twitter Spaces.


● Long time partnership between AscendEX and Orion Protocol

● Building a single decentralized point of access to centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges and swap platforms from a single Wallet

● They aim to include the best of both worlds (DEXs and CEXs) into their product design

● Large scale liquidity aggregator available to all types of users

● Mainnet went live March 2021

● Very active community

● They provides cross chain liquidity aggregation

● Currently running on on Binance and Ethereum chains with more being added this year

● B2B and Retail solutions/products


● Bridging gaps between different blockchains, asset types, and exchanges

● To grow community and user base now that the protocol is live

● Providing access to liquidity

● Adding more exchanges that will improve overall liquidity

● Growing partnerships across the industry

● Integrating more chains as soon as possible

● Become a chain agnostic platform

● Further developing a broker network which includes AscendEX

● To be the first to market cross-chain cross-exchange liquidity aggregator that only requires a wallet to access

● Phantom partnership/integration in the works

● Uniswap and additional DEX integrations in pipeline

Product offerings

● B2B Enterprise solutions

○ Liquidity provider/aggregator from multiple sources

○ Useful for market makers by aggregating fragmented liquidity

○ Orion Terminal as flagship product to enterprise clients

● Wallet swap SDK solution

○ Enables easier access to liquidity sources across chains and exchanges

● Terminal

○ Flagship product for access to full suite of features

○ Offers solution for institutions and retail investors

○ Redesign in progress

● Chain Bridge

○ Enables cross chain liquidity aggregation in real time

● White label Dex kit

○ Provides Cexs with ability to access Dex based liquidity

○ Offers them the ability to develop DEX features within their existing platform

● Swap Widget

○ Plugin for trading on any website

○ Simple to use

○ Easy integration

AscendEX x Orion Partnership

● Gives Orion users access to AscendEX liquidity through platform integration

● Doesn’t require centralized custody to access AscendEX liquidity for trading

● No KYC needed to access AscendEX orderbook for trading


● Led by finance veterans who understand the importance and value of centralized and decentralized finance and want to combine the best of both worlds

● Experienced blockchain development team

Key Differentiators

● Seamless access to liquidity from multiple sources

● First to market with this level of capability and infrastructure built out already

● Leverages delegated proof of broker (PoB)

● Infinitely scalable

● Can aggregate liquidity from sources without being partnered with them

● Multi-chain compatible

● Only platform that will provide full access to the phantom ecosystem

● Chain and exchange agnostic minimizing overall risk

● No custody so funds are kept safe with users and their wallets

● Developing access and compatibility with both EVM and Non-EVM chains

○ Access is possible through broker network and Orion Bridge



AscendEX is a leading global digital asset financial platform founded by a group of Wall Street quantitative trading veterans in 2018, servicing retail and institutional clients in over 200 countries and regions of the world.

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