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Polkadex Twitter Space AMA recap

The Polkadex team sat down for an AMA with Nick from AscendEX on Twitter Spaces. Here is the summary of the main points made during the discussion:


  • Combining benefits of CEXs and DEXs
  • Built on Substrate
  • Building a decentralized orderbook
  • Extensive R&D went into developing a hybrid solution that will work for all user types
  • Bringing DeFi to the masses


  • Provide a sophisticated environment with a hybrid exchange
  • Provide Key UX features to make adoption easier for all types of users
  • Decentralization focused on lowering fees and making the exchange more available to different users
  • Allow users to have self custody of assets
  • NFT offerings in the future
  • Develop NFT ecosystem that brings in projects with real value and community
  • Metaverse offerings in the future

Product offerings

  • Theta Bridge powered multi chain capabilities
  • Simplified UX for users
  • Ability for projects to raise capital easily on-chain
  • Minimal gas fees
  • On Chain Governance for community/token holders to act on behalf of the protocol
  • Crowd Loan platform offering
  • Leveraging parachain/Polkadot capabilities and community

User Types

  • Retail investors
  • Institutions
  • Projects looking to launch successfully

Token Details:

  • Ecosystem is built around the token giving it more utility value overall
  • Line of products that the token can interact with
  • Discounts on trading fees based on token holdings
  • On-chain governance for PDEX token holders planned for the future



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