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Torque Ventures & ICODrops bridging Asia and Europe: + LTO Network

Torque Ventures and ICODrops have been investing in the blockchain space since early 2017. However, there has always been a gap between European and Asian projects, especially when it came to liquidity. With the new player in the ranks, the 3rd-generation exchange, BitMax, it became possible to close that gap, and to make sure that high-quality European projects can have access to what was not feasible before. Together, we proudly announce this collaborative effort!

LTO Network

Jan 4

Torque Ventures & ICODrops

Throughout 2017 and 2018, the recipe for investing was more or less the same. All decent projects were rising in value, making hundreds of % in ROI, and few people wondered about the sustainability of such an ecosystem. The market was flooded with projects, investors and promises.

Change was inevitable, as it turned out later. Things were especially concerning when it came to exchanges. The listing fees and the procedures for getting on them got to ridiculous levels. The quality of projects was declining as well, or at least the community was quickly realizing it. There was a need for a change: both in terms of fundamentals-focused mature projects, and also accessible high-quality exchanges.

ICO Drops, being the voice of the community, is inspired by BitMax thorough principle of careful selection of the best projects for listing. We got excited about the possibilities of BitMax and LTO Network working together: both advocating for transparency and focusing on substance.

— Oleg, Head of BD of ICODrops

That’s what BitMax and LTO Network partnership is about: bringing transparency and innovation in the new crypto trading era.

We believe it’s important to help our portfolio projects grow over time. And despite the bear market, we saw great potential in LTO Network. Cooperation with BitMax is another big step for both projects.

— Bevin, Co-Founder of Torque Ventures

BitMax ( is a global operator of an innovative digital asset trading platform with a broad range of products and services for global retail and institutional clients. With its relentless focus on transparency, reliability, and quality of execution and client services, BitMax has established itself as a clear leader in the crypto trading and exchange space. was launched in August 2018, but it has quickly become one of the community’s aspiring favorite exchanges. The reason is not only the team’s experience from Wall Street, but also a smooth UI, friendly-looking website features and most importantly, their humble approach. From a project’s perspective, through our many engagements in the industry, we’ve come across many pitfalls and shady deals. Multi-million dollar fees, biased voting systems, trading manipulation and “security deposits” of hundreds of thousands of dollars seem to be the norm., there is none of those.

BitMax team has been very supportive over the past couple of months, working together with us on the strategy. With no listing fees involved, they are even helping us with the community exposure and getting to Asian investors and partners. We are happy to be working together.

— Rick, CEO of LTO Network

LTO Network is a European project which has been under development for over 3 years, with a successful company behind it, servicing large multinationals and governments: Dutch and Belgium governments, Dekra, CMS, Stena and so on. GitHub development dates back to 2014. LTO Network team has also made effort to open-source all proofs of clients, financials, and the documents — making yet another big step towards increasing transparency and going live with a functioning product.

LTO Network brings a new wave of enterprise adoption of the blockchain technology, taking a hybrid approach instead of comprising everything in layer-1, which allows for more scalability and customization. The architecture consists of multiple process-centric permissionless private chains, where the public chain acts as a security settlement layer. This enables B2B to collaborate on equal footing using trustless automated processes with GDPR and data privacy compliance.

LTO Network brings a new wave of enterprise adoption, combining it with a unique token model. Together we will make sure to tackle both the European and the Asian market, with US to follow after that.

— George, CEO of

We are delighted to be working together and leading the new wave of transparent projects, working on the adoption of the blockchain technology!

Torque Ventures | ICODrops | BitMax | LTO Network



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