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Weekly Roundup | Mar. 19 — Mar. 25, 2022

Our One Minute Digest

Mar. 19, 2022 — Mar. 25, 2022

Platform Update

  • AscendEX listed Traxx (TRAXX) as joint primary listing on March 16. Traxx aims to become the leading portal to allow music fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to engage and support their favorite artists in various ways while sharing a portion of the financial returns generated by these artists
  • AscendEX listed Galaxy Blitz token (MIT) as primary listing on March 23. Galaxy Blitz is an upcoming Play-To-Earn strategy NFT based game.

Promotional Events and Activities

  • DOT Slot Auction: Start one-click voting with zero fees and a low voting threshold starting at 0.1 DOT.
  • Margin Trading Challenge: Execute a first-time margin trade or margin trades for at least three days and join AscendEX’s official program to share 50,000-USDT rewards.
  • Faith Tribe (FTRB) Carnival Event: trade and stake FTRB to share 50,000 USDT worth of rewards in FTRB!
  • Buy Crypto Using Credit/Debit Cards promotional event: buy crypto using a credit or debit card to get the chance to win a share of 30,000 USDT worth of pooled rewards.
  • “Wednesday Lucky Draw”: Users who execute cash trades for at least three days while maintaining a daily trading volume of at least 100 USDT during the preceding 7 days will be eligible to win a share of 10,000 USDT worth of rewards.
  • “Beginner’s Rewards” program: Additional rewards are available for new users, including 100 USDT, popular tokens (worth up to 10 USDT), a bid for the next auction, futures bonus credits, point cards and more. Complete the simple tasks to earn exclusive rewards now!

AscendEX Popular Investments

  • USDT Yield Farming: 8 % Est. APR
  • USDC Yield Farming: 8 % Est. APR
  • ETH Staking: 4% Est. APR
  • BTC Staking: 3.5% Est. APR
  • TRAXX Staking: 100% Est. APR
  • PDEX Staking: 46.63% Est. APR

Weekly TOP Gainers

This Week’s New Listings’ Performance



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