Announcement regarding recent news on ICOs and China

Dear Asch Community, Thank you for your continued support and trust. Compared to all those non-existent projects, Asch was founded by a group of practical human beings. We are poised to take-off.

On September 4, 2017, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) and several associated Chinese government agencies announced that initial coin offerings (token offerings) are prohibited. The announcement, has led to a cryptocurrency market panic, would give a much-needed fillip to the blockchain development in China. Apart from boosting the sound development of blockchain in China, it would bring Asch to the fore after the chaos and protects the individual investors’ immediate interests. Asch team will actively cooperate in the supervision in compliance with existing laws and related policies. In addition, we will continually focus on and update the newest information, especially focus on how other similar blockchain team dealt with ICO liquidation.

Since July 13, 2016, the exact day that Asch was born, Asch has gained unprecedented progresses in the past two years. The followings describe some historic moments of Asch:

  • On July 05, 2016, Asch initialized the code base on
  • On July 13, 2016, Asch version 0.9.1 was released, and the public beta formally began. After one month of testing, the official version was launched and its source code was published on GitHub:
  • In October 2016, Asch cooperated with Beijing Financial Cloud Laboratory, and conducted evidences storage business (customized version of Asch). Later, Asch was invited to technical trainings of corporate blockchain by Japanese Mengzhen Holdings. In the next month, Shousong Zhang, the founder of Asch, gave a speech about “Block Chain Application based on side chain technology” in WOT2016 Big Data Technology Summit.
  • In November 2016, Green Paper of Asch-eco community was published. Within one week, the presidents and vice presidents of the Volunteers Association, the Delegates Association, and the Developer Association were selected.

In the year of 2017, Asch has entered the stage of rapid development. Multiple upgrades regarding the improvement of underlying technology and the development of core functions have been made during this process. This year, Asch became a member unit of the Zhejiang Block Chain Technology Application Association, Guiyang City Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox, Beijing Block Chain Technology Application Association. Its content also presented in various activities such as the Second China Financial Transaction Technology Conference, Blockchain ICO Industry Ecosystem Construction Seminar, China Blockchain Geeks Summit. At the same time, the news aggregation dApp — CCTime and forecasting market dApp — Kongming House have landed on Asch platform.

Nowadays, Chinese Central Bank intends to regulate ICO market, which leads to a positive, revolutionarily (stricter regulation than expected) effect on the sound development of the industry. Asch is a hard-working team, we will actively cooperate in the supervision. Meanwhile, we would like to gather more aspiring entrepreneurs who wanted to convert their passions into a business or their fresh ideas into innovations on Asch platform with the purpose of boosting the development of blockchain services in China. The foundation of Asch is consisted of “technologies” and “community”, which need to grow simultaneously, seems unbalanced for now. Therefore, we will concentrate on this inequality problem in the next. Let us all contribute to Asch, help it building an outstanding image, and becoming a benchmark in the industry. Asch would not exist without everybody’s supports. We will focus on the newest industry information, and follow the footstep of the Chinese government under related monetary policy. We are appreciated for the supports from all of you. As far as we concern, the industry will be on the right track. Please have faith in Asch, in our government and in yourself. Ease your mind and be peaceful.

Best wishes,
Asch Team

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