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As the hub of the entire ecosystem, the decision-making voting rights of ASCH main chain belong to all XAS holders, while the daily management and maintenance of the system are in the charge of delegates elected by the community.

With the gradual improvement of the ASCH system and the efforts of all people, the influence of ASCH is rapidly improving. More and more people are paying attention to ASCH, and a number of enthusiastic people spontaneously contribute to the ASCH system. But this powerful force is very inefficient due to the lack of organization and planning, so we develop and update the delegate mechanism of ASCH community.

We need to sort out and marshal the existing community delegates. The responsibility of the delegate is not only to but also to be the backbone of the ASCH community and the We must set up a reasonable reward and penalty system and replacement system to motivate delegates who act as delegates and timely replace the inactive and non-contributing delegates.

Through the delegate system, we make node contribution transparent and we introduce the competition mechanism as well as supervision and assessment mechanism. By pulling together all the 21 delegates and the community members, we strive to build the ASCH platform into a great application ecosystem that is meaningful to the development of society and blockchain technology.

ASCH’s delegate system will operate openly and transparently under the supervision of each community member.

Explanation of basic terms

Anyone who has ASCH account or any amount of XAS is a member of the community, and can vote to participate in the election of the delegate and the governance of the community.

Each account in the ASCH system can be registered as a candidate delegate if meeting certain basic requirements. A candidate delegate can gain recognition from community members by making contributions to the ASCH community, and have the opportunity to become an official delegate after rising into the top 21 in the list.

: A candidate delegate can obtain votes from community members by making contributions to the community and the top 21 will become the official delegates. The official delegates get the right to receive node rewards and forging (bookkeeping) right. .

The nodes/delegate consists of 21 official delegates and candidate delegates.

Basic description of the delegates

Each account in the ASCH system can be registered as a candidate delegate. A candidate delegate can accept the vote from any XAS holders.

When the voting ranks on the top 21, the candidate delegate will become an official delegate, and get the forging right, that is, the right to generate new blocks, and obtain certain rewards. .

Only the official delegates have the forging right, and they must participate in the construction of the ASCH community to compete for being an official delegate.

Official delegates should assume more responsibilities while enjoying XAS reward benefits. Delegates that do not contribute or do nothing will be eliminated by the community.

Basic requirements for candidate delegates

Each team/person applying for being a delegate will have to pay 100XAS.

4-core CPU, 8GB memory, 5Mbps bandwidth, 40GB free disk space.

  1. Candidate delegates should recognize ASCH’s values, understand the core knowledge of ASCH and respect the members of ASCH community.
  2. Candidate delegates should strive to promote the ecological construction of ASCH and blockchain applications, and push ahead the development of the blockchain industry.
  3. Candidate delegates should be willing to provide pertinent suggestions and contributions for ASCH and provide appropriate resources.
  4. The team/person that becomes the delegate must disclose the “ASCH Node Operations Plan” and implement it accordingly.
  5. In order to facilitate the rapid development of the ASCH ecosystem, the applicant with the following resources will get the advantage on canvassing:
  • Sufficient network traffic: Strong user traffic that can be attracted to ASCH. Strong ability of media exposure and community building.
  • Strong technology: Have the ability and talent of blockchain technology and willing to contribute to ASCH’s technology building and innovation.
  • Resources: Have rich traditional or internet enterprise relationships and confidence to facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology cooperation with them.

Delegate rewards mechanism

Distribution rules of delegate rewards:

At present, the total annual block-forging yields of the 21 delegates is 6.06 million XAS.

20% of total block-forging yields, average distributed among the 21 delegates

Eg: 6.06 million XAS*20%/21= 57,700 XAS

20% of total block-forging yields, distributed among the 21 delegates according to the voting proportion they get. The official delegates can distribute a portion (0%-100%) of the reward to his voters if they like.

Eg: Assume a popular delegate get 25% of the total votes: 6.06 million XAS*20%*25%= 303,000 XAS. (a portion of the this reward can be distributed to the voters)

If the delegate do not give any reward to his voters, then his total reward is: 57,700+303,000=360,700 XAS/year

Open and transparent mechanism of the 101 delegate

  1. At the end of each quarter, the 21 official delegates are required to publicly report their contributions in the community in the form of live broadcast or written, and the contributions must be high-quality, provable and effective. For those who do not make substantial contributions, the community can withdraw their votes at any time.
  2. Delegates who make outstanding contributions and actively publicize will win more community support.
  3. The 21 delegates have the right to forge blocks and get rewards, and members of the community also have the right to know about the contributions made by the delegates and have the right to support the delegates by voting them. ASCH community always welcomes and supports people with innovative ideas and achievements to participate in the campaign of 21 delegates.

Election process of the 21 delegate

Candidate delegates start to spreading out the team/person information and promoting themselves in the community. It is useful to talk about your node operation planning, and what benefit you will bring to ASCH.

The 21 delegate election officially begins, and the community starts to vote. Voting is continuous thereafter, community members can withdraw or change the vote at any time, so non-active delegate will be eliminated by the community.

The application of delegate will be open to all individuals, teams, or organizations. The 21 delegates will be contributing to ASCH’s decentralized ecosystem building, user traffic improvement, technical infrastructure development, DAPP development, and traditional industries combination, etc. To get more votes, you should disclose the following information to the community: team introduction, official website, social media account, community link, server type and location, budget and expenditure, operations planning, etc. Please refer to at the end of the article.

  1. Contact the group manager or anyone from the ASCH team, and let them recommend you in the community.
  2. Disclose your information and “ASCH Node Operations Plan” to the community.
  3. Starts to execute your plan, and canvass your voters by any means.
  4. You will be one of the official delegates and starts to get rewards once you get into the top 21.

How to get votes from other users

ASCH is a fast-growing community and the development of the community is inseparable from the joint efforts of the community members. The delegate can contribute their own strengths in technology development, operations, promotion, marketing, social resources and other aspects according to their own capabilities. The crucial thing is being active, contributive, and cooperative. It is always helpful to let the community know what you have done and what you will do.

About Voting Right

  • Every XAS holder has the right to vote.
  • Each account has one vote, which means each account can only vote for one delegate, and the voting weight depends on how much XAS has been locked in this account. Once the token is unlocked, the vote will be withdrawn.

About the delegate number

We currently have 21 official delegates. The number can be changed if someone initiates a proposal to expand it and get permitted by the Council.

Appendix 1: The Delegate Application Form

  1. Please fill in the official name of the team/organization applying for the delegate:
  2. Which of the following types does your team belong to (multiple choices)?Exchanges, wallets, community KOLs, media, investment institutions, investors, development teams, market value management, others
  3. Please fill in the basic introduction of the team:
  4. Please fill in the address of your company headquarters:
  5. Please fill in the link of your official website:
  6. Please upload the resumes of your key team members (optional):
  7. Please fill in your email address:
  8. Please fill in your contact number:
  9. Please fill in all your social media accounts and community channels:
  10. Your campaign declaration:
  11. Please describe in detail your campaign plan and how to get others’ votes:
  12. Please upload your operation plan:

The above content will be adjusted as necessary with the development of the ASCH ecosystem. Please always follow our public media platform for the latest information.

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