ASCH Developer Community Incentive Plan

Since the birth of ASCH, it has been focusing on the R&D of the public blockchain. In order to attract more developers to participate in the development of ASCH, the ASCH Developer Community Incentive Plan is now launched, and the ASCH council will allocate 1 million XAS for this plan. We hope that the blockchain technology enthusiasts can actively participate in this plan or introduce good developers to join.

How to Participate:

You can participate by making any kind of contribution to ASCH’s technology development, such as developing wallets, plug-ins, multilingual translations, and optimizing existing projects. To ensure quality, we encourage you to join as teams instead of individuals. All technology related topics can be discussed on our new Discord server ( Individual developers can join the Discord server and look for teammates.


Please email your application to We will contact you within 2 days. Please include the following content in your email:

  1. Introduction of each member of the team
  2. Development experience or project portfolio
  3. Your project idea and brief development plan.
  4. Contact information
  5. Expected reward amount
  6. Referrer (if any)


The reward amount is determined by the difficulty of the task, and the ASCH Team will discuss with participants according to the actual situation. If you have access to high-quality development teams, please feel free to introduce to us. The referrer will receive 5% of the reward after the projects are completed.


If the developer/team is unable to continue or needs to delay the development due to certain factors during the development process, the developer/team shall inform the ASCH Team in time and explain the reasons. Those who fail to complete the project will not get the reward.

If the developer/team’s development results do not meet the expected standards, ASCH Team will contact the developer/team to coordinate the improvement. If the quality of the development falls far short of the standard, the authorities have the right to suspend cooperation.

After the project is submitted and rewarded, the intellectual property will be owned by ASCH Team, and the developer/team shall not use it for other commercial purposes without permission.

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