ASCH V1.5 Testnet has launched tonight

Feb 20 · 2 min read

New features

Smart contract platform

  • See the smart contract introduction document for details on GitHub.

Cross-chain gateway

  • Added a gateway anti-cheating mechanism,
  • Added gateway candidate application page and list page,
  • Added gateway reserve fund mechanism (addition/return),
  • Added a gateway reserve fund display,

Proposal system

  • Added “Gateway Clearing” proposal type,
  • Added the “resource lease ratio adjustment” proposal type,
  • Added “Daily Free NET Credit Adjustment” proposal type,
  • Added “Gas_Price adjustment” proposal type,


  • Added multiple asset type displays for the gateway asset list,
  • Added a list of council asset transfer records,

Resource leasing mechanism (fuel strategy)

  • Added the strategy of mortgaging XAS in exchange for ASCH network resource usage rights,
  • Added Net Point (NET) as a general transaction fee,
  • Added Energy Point (EP) as a fuel for smart contract platform,


  • Added the function of “View Public Key” in the personal center,
  • Added the function of “View Master Key QR Code” in Personal Center,
  • Added the function of “Adjust the default language according to the browser language” on the login page,

Bugs Fixed

P2P Communication strategy optimization

  • Optimized the broadcast mechanism of transaction,
  • Optimized node discovery mechanism,


  • Optimized the problem of unclickable transaction ID in transfer records of mobile client,
  • Optimized the problem of unclickable block height on block browsing list,
  • Optimized display style of lock up in exchange for voting right page.

Please use the links below to join the testnet and test for bugs:

Join ASCH developer community:

ASCH Team has created a Discord server for ASCH developers. ASCH mainnet and DApp related information will be updated here in the future. All blockchain technology enthusiasts are welcome to join! :)

Be part of ASCH:

Telegram Groups:

English (main group):
中文 (Chinese):
Русский (Russian):
Türkçe (Turkish) :
Việt Nam (Vietnamese):
Українська (Ukrainian):








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