Exhibition of DApps based on ASCH

As mentioned in XAS whitepaper, not like Etherum or Bitcoin, Asch is using a sidechain framework as a platform for decentralised applications (DApp). Usually, each DApp runs on its own sidechain.

1. CCTime

CCTime (Cryptocurrency Time) is a distributed social news sharing and communication platform based on Asch’s side-chain technology. CCTime is reconstructed based on the Hacker News. The block chain technology is used to change the existing pattern of centralized content-sharing market and to solve the difficulties of identification, spreading and making profit with high-quality content. Making high-quality content will always get paid by a new content value assessment system. Publishers and sharers of high-quality news will be rewarded with tokens according to this “bonus mode”, and this will benefit to build a valuable public news gathering and sharing platform, which will keep with the demands of readers.

CCTime Whitepaper

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