MiiX•ASCH Hackathon 2019

MiiX, together with 2050 Conference, ASCH Platform, CSDN, etc., invites you to participate in the hackathon in Hangzhou, China!

Event: 2050 Conference: MiiX• ASCH Hackathon

Organizers: 2050 Conference, MiiX, ASCH Platform

Location: Yunqi Town, Hangzhou, China

Time: April 26–28, 2019

Competition Theme: Get together to create remarkable dApps and explore the future!

What is 2050 Conference?

2050 Conference was initiated by Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation. It is a conference aimed at young people. It will allow young people to stand in the spotlight, talk about innovation, look towards the future and face the challenges with a young mind.

From May 25 to 27, 2018, the first 2050 conference was held in Yunqi, Hangzhou, gathering tens of thousands of young people around the world who embrace science and technology.

Dr. Wang Jian, Founder of Alibaba Cloud & Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation, said that 2050 is a reunion rather than a conference. 2050 allows the young generation to show their responsibility to the world and their promise for the future.

Conference Highlights

  1. Gathering tens of thousands of young people from all over the world for 3 days and 2 nights, and collide with their innovation and vitality.
  2. 100 diversified scientific and technological activities, music activities and lighting comprehensive innovation activities on the site of the conference are integrated with each other.
  3. 100 MiiX geeks challenge and innovatively develop for 2 days and 1 night in Hackathon, to explore future autonomous community construction and innovative applications of the blockchain.
  4. As a highly efficient and easy to learn public blockchain based on typescript/javascript architecture, ASCH is appointed as the development platform and ASCH team will provide whole-process technical support.
  5. Cooperate with more than 10 top technology communities to jointly build a large hackathon event.
  6. Communicate with global technology industry experts on site.
  7. An online and offline combined competition.
  8. Provide generous online and offline bonuses.
  9. Provide Acceleration Implementation Camp Program afterwards.

Hackathon Purposes

  1. Search for “blockchain” professional and technical talents, and explore more potential, valuable and influential blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship projects.
  2. Realize closer integration of blockchain technology with Internet of Things, big data, AI, healthcare, finance, intellectual property, games, entertainment, traditional Internet and other industries.
  3. Create a better environment and conditions for the implementation and promotion of blockchain-related applications.

Hackathon Topic

1. Develop dApps based on ASCH Platform:

Development direction: develop innovative blockchain applications based on ASCH platform. It can cover public welfare, consumption, logistics, games, medical care, education, government affairs, social contact, transportation, commodity traceability, physical assets, copyright, and other fields.

2. Extend applications on ASCH:

Development direction: develop cold wallet, hot wallet, block explorer, blockchain random number, Oracle, cross-chain technology improvement, etc. adaptable to ASCH main network.

About ASCH

As an infrastructure public blockchain based on multi-chain architecture and cross-chain protocol, ASCH has initiatively developed the typescript smart contract engine, providing developers with complete tools and making the development of blockchain applications as simple as the development of the web.

Form of Competition

This competition adopts both online and offline mode! We set up an online development competition for those who can’t get to the site.

  1. Offline on-site competition

Time: April 27- 28, 2019

Deadline for registration: April 26, 2019

Venue: Yunqi Town International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hangzhou, China

2. Online competition

Deadline for submission: April 21, 2019

Online submissions must be made before the deadline for primary selection: the shortlisted teams will be invited to participate in the final contest on April 28th.


  • project introduction in PPT (covering team introduction, project introduction, project logic, project value, and project feasibility)
  • code
  • demo video
  • explaining video

Primary selection time: April 22–23, 2019

The announcement time of the shortlisted teams: April 24, 2019

Shortlisted teams: 6–10 shortlisted teams.


Offline developer team awards:

First Place: 30,000 CNY

Second Place: 10,000 CNY

Third Place: 5,000 CNY

Online developer team awards:

First Place: 20,000 CNY

Second Place: 10,000 CNY

Third Place: 5,000 CNY

Team Rules

This competition is facing all developers and friends with creative ideas all over the world. Individuals, groups and enterprises are welcome to apply, of which the team member shall not exceed 5 people. It is suggested that the team should be equipped with UI designer and product manager. You can set up a team in advance, find your team in our developer groups, or go to the site on the competition day to team up with others.


  1. During the competition, we will provide three meals, snacks and drinks for the participants.
  2. From now on, we carry out ASCH online workshop in the developer community. WeChat group: miix666 (add this account and she will invite you to the group), Discord: https://discord.gg/mU8WDCk
  3. It is recommended to buy air tickets and book hotels in advance if you are not from Hangzhou.
  4. Wi-Fi is available on site. Participants need to bring own laptops with power supplies, adaptor and corresponding software development tools.
  5. Please bring your own personal care belongings, we will provide some sleeping bags onsite.
  6. The development work in the competition shall be original and legal, and shall be independently developed by the team.
Please send your application to: yinxuzhou@asch.io

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