Aug 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear ASCH Community,

We are holding a #ASCH Lucky Check-In activity on all ASCH telegram groups, starting from TODAY!

The rules are super simple:

  1. Put your XAS address(or nickname) on your Telegram Bio, like this:

ASCH (XAS) Address: xxxxxx

2. Check in at any of the ASCH telegram groups with this hashtag: #ASCH.

3. Say something relevant to ASCH. It can be discussion about ASCH announcements, helping newcomers, chatting with other members, creating ASCH pictures, gifs, etc.

4. Everyday, ASCH admins will randomly pick 20 lucky people and they will share the 80XAS reward.

5. The reward is not equally divided, it is random. So you have a chance of getting between 1XAS to 10XAS.

6. Do not forget to add your ASCH Wallet to your Telegram Bio! Otherwise you will be passed.

7. The #ASCH check-in activity will be held from 27th Aug. to 15th Sept.

Got any questions? Find admins in the groups!

Learn More:





Gitter Chatroom for Devs:


Donate XAS: ACXTKbyZtEN4FZfC1dHZ6fYVCu2bA5H3Qg


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