Weekly Report (Apr 20 — Apr 26)

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Technical Updates


  • Asch 1.5 overall is going smoothly.

Asch 1.5

  • Completed voting function data migration algorithm implementation.
  • Completed voting data migration test.
  • Updated query interface, support smart contract ‘pay by developer’ function.
  • Completed v1.5 consensus code after review.
  • Completed deployment/test of v1.5 consensus code after review.
  • Completed the adjustment of the interface for smart contract transfer.
  • Fixed the issue of p2p node generating local ID.
  • P2p node algorithm is optimized to allow occasional timeout.
  • Completed adjustment and test of big trades broadcast algorithm.
  • Adjusted smart contract Context interface, and added block, lastBlock, sender.
  • Adjusted Gas calculating rules.
  • Fixed block rollback smart contract VM unreleased issue.
  • Upgraded v1.5.0‑beta.3, updated document, and published to testnet.


  • Completed asch-pay and asch-web interface upgrading, and released testing version.


  • Completed 90% of the front-end development of the super delegate page
  • Completed the product design of super delegate campaign page

Marketing and Operations Updates

  • In the evening of April 28, the “MiiX· ASCH Hackathon — Hangzhou station” came to a successful end. There are 25 online and offline development teams in the competition, and the top three winners of the offline competition are: a decentralized buyer show DAPP based on ASCH and IPFS, an unmanned driving system, and an AI+TwinGAN+ ASCH blockchain monster hunt game. The online result will be announced later.
  • 100BTC club announces to compete for ASCH super delegate. 100BTC club is headquartered in Shenzhen China, and each member of the club holds more than 100 BTC. The club hopes to contribute to the development of ASCH in terms of capital and marketing.

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