Weekly Report (Apr 6— Apr 12)

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Technical Updates


  • Asch 1.5 overall is going smoothly.

Asch 1.5

  • Adjusted the query interface of smart contract state, adding the transaction field in the contract invocation result interface
  • Adjusted the interface of transferring to smart contracts, changing the receiverPath to name and method to facilitate the understanding.
  • Improved the test documents of smart contracts with additional smart contract usage in the client and fixed the bug in smart contract document
  • Tested the installation of smart contract development in Windows and wrote detailed documentation (expected to be released next week)
  • Completed the front-end adjustment of Web Client related to the new consensus scheme
  • Completed the server-side development according to the new consensus scheme
  • Completed part of English translation of the prompt text
  • Completed some UI details and prompt text optimization

AschWeb 0.2

  • Completed the implementation, testing and documentation of all query APIs
  • Refactored the smart contract module
  • Dynamic addition of contract API for smart contracts
  • Refactored the AschContract pay method to split reveivePath into two parameters
  • Released asch-web v0.2.5 and released asch-pay v1.1.4 to integrate asch-web v0.2.5

AschEx 1.0

  • Added deposit and withdrawal record pages
  • Adapted the refactored asch-pay and asch-web interfaces
  • Adapted the refactored smart contract invocation result interface
  • Adapted the refactored asch contract sdk interface

Marketing and Operations Updates

  • The ASCH team will hold a quarterly live broadcast at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, April 19. Questions and suggestions about ASCH can be discussed and organized in the community group and then bring forward to the live broadcast, the ASCH team will answer all your questions.
  • The pre-heating session of the ASCH 21 Delegate campaign has been launched. The candidates can warm up, promote and contribute this month, and the community vote will be officially launched in May. We welcome teams, institutions and individuals with resources and ability to participate in the election. Click here to view details.
  • 10 days countdown! MiiX Global Tour · ASCH Hackathon Contest in Hangzhou will start on April 27. This event is jointly initiated by ASCH, CSDN, 2050 Conference, and Miix. 100 global development geeks, and thousands of young people from all over the world will gather in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. Come and join the 2-day and 1-night ASCH hackathon, get to know masters and win a huge prize and incubation investment opportunities!

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