Weekly Report (Mar 23 — Mar 29)

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Technical Updates


  • The overall progress of Asch v1.5 was smooth.

Asch v1.5

  • Completed the adjustment of contract grammar rules.
  • The original code-parser was reconstructed, and the metadata-verifier was separated to verify the contract metadata rules, and ts-util to complete type checking and type inference.
  • Wrote grammar rule test cases that override grammar checking rules.
  • Completed the smart contract tutorial.
  • Fixed the bugs.

AschWeb 0.2

  • Completed the interface for Asch-web exporting to TransactionBuilder.
  • Transaction builder interface documentation is finished.
  • Sign interface refactoring.
  • Solved AschPay automatic lock bug.

AschEx 1.0

  • The reconstruction of K-graph algorithm is completed.
  • Completed automatic backup of transaction history data.
  • The front-end and back-end integrate AschWeb and AschPay respectively.
  • The test of asset settlement smart contract is completed.

Marketing and Operations Updates

  • MiiX•ASCH Hackathon (Hangzhou station) will be started on April 27th. It was initiated by technology ecosystems like CSDN, ASCH, and 10 technology communities. It invites about 100 global development geeks, together with 10,000 young coders from all over the world, to join the 2050 Conference in Hangzhou, China to develop on ASCH mainchain for 2 days and 1 night, besides, the online hackathon is also available. We have great prizes and incubation investment opportunities for the top developers! Details will be posted this week.
  • ASCH has been recognized as Beijing Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise.
  • The feedback collection has been finished for the Exposure Draft for 101 Delegate Mechanism of ASCH Community. The final version will be posted this week.

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