Fashion fix: what hat do I need?

We solve your millinery crises ahead of QIPCO British Champion’s Day

My tickets for QIPCO British Champion’s Day in October and I’m really excited to make my first trip to Ascot. But I’m new to race-going, and I’m anxious about committing a fashion faux pas. What do I need to bear in mind when choosing my hat?
Fashionably Worried

Dear Fashionably Worried

Calm yourself, my dear: you are far from the first Ascot guest to fret over their choice of head gear. Fortunately there are a few simple rules that’ll help you decide if you need to wear a hat, and how extravagent it should be.

British Champions Day is the culmination of the UK flat season, so you simply need to turn to our flat season fashion guide for inspiration and advice.

Whether or not you need a hat depends on which enclosure your have booked:

  • King Edward VII enclosure and Winning Post enclosure— ladies are encouraged to wear hats. Men are not required to wear hats
  • Queen Anne enclosure — no hats required

And that’s it — simple!

If you need some style inspiration, take a look at Christy’s of London’s Ascot collection.

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