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A success for Cardano (ADA) continues.

Asdra Inc.

As we may know, it is unusual for coins in Japan to be listed on exchanges, but ADA just made history by becoming one. The launch is set for today, which is Tuesday, the 25th of August, at 8:30 a.m. EDT.

A physical transaction has been set up for ADA, and that transaction is going to be handled by BITPOINT.

Listing requirements are the toughest in the world.

In an attempt to meet its goal of being a crypto-friendly country, Japan has been open right from the beginning. Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies aren’t exempt from the law. Japanese exchanges carefully screen the coins they list to make sure they’re good for their citizens as well the government’s strict oversee digital asset regulation. This proves how serious the Japanese government is about crypto trading.

Now that ADA is approved, the coin is even more valuable.

Even though Japan is a stiff market for crypto exchanges, ADA’s success in getting listed on BITPOINT with the support of EMURGO is a valuable addition to the Cardano ecosystem Currently, Cardano has a market cap of 94 billion. By market capitalization, it’s now the third-largest cryptocurrency, trailing just Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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