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Asdra Monthly Update February 2022

Asdra Inc.

Asdra continues towards its vision and goal of making DeFi remittances easy for everyone driven by the mission to “Banking the Unbanked.” Our proposition is simple: to help people who are less fortunate grow by helping them send their hard-earned money home through the internet and blockchain technology.

Our efforts to make this a reality have progressed over the past few months. Our upcoming launch of the protocol will be improved by monthly updates, championing milestones, goals, and achievements.

Here is an overview of the last few months,

Social media:

Our organic content is reaching more than 10K followers across our social media platforms without any marketing activities.

Milestones reached:

The partnership with BullPerks as the strategic partner. Asdra looks forward to great prospects for both parties as they pool in their resources through the formation of this brand-new partnership. Bullperks help assist the company in tokenomics, guidance, mentorship, introduction, likely collaboration and partnerships with other projects and founders, PR & Marketing advisory. Additionally, Bull Perks runs a strong community investment fund along with a Telegram community of 15,000 plus members. Their reach will help Asdra expand its social reach, provide publicity and exposure that will prove beneficial to the future of the company.

Collaboration with BinarApps, an IOHK strategic partner to consult and build the protocol.

Collaboration with BinarApps an IOHK strategic partner to consult, build and verify Cardano’s Plutus Smart Contract for global remittance services on the Asdra Protocol. In a related development, Asdra has already collaborated with a development company BinarApps based in Poland, as part of the process of launching the innovative Asdra’s smart contracts and services.

Upcoming events

- Asdra’s website 2.0

In anticipation of a large increase in the number of people visiting Asdra, we are currently updating the website with more information about Asdra Protocol-related services and solutions.

- Documentation 2.0

Our goal is to create content that will be easier to understand and read for all audiences.

- Marketing

Our mission is to enhance brand awareness and expand our message globally by working with one of the world’s most successful blockchain and crypto marketing agencies.

The team is grateful to share our 2021-to-2022 recap with you and welcomes new partnerships, projects, and community members. For all the support we have gotten from you and the community, we’d like to thank you. Looking forward to next month.

ASDRA is more than a project. It’s a community!



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