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Asdra Move, the revolutionary remittance platform

Asdra Inc.

Asdra’s strong mission is to “Banking the Unbanked.” With Asdra, we aim to help the less fortunate grow by allowing them to send their hard-earned money home using the Internet and blockchain technology through our very first application, which will be integrated into the Asdra Ecosystem which is Asdra Move. Asdra Move is the revolutionary remittance platform that is purposefully designed to help the unbanked gain financial services, economic identities, and create wealth jointly.

Mobile phones and the Internet could pave the way to escaping poverty

Meanwhile, 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked, but two-thirds of them own mobile phones that provide access to financial services. Through digital technologies, new financial services could be made available to people who currently do not have access to them.

What makes Asdra Move the solution?

Asdra Move encompasses multiple smart contracts that are part of the entire ecosystem that allows users to use the stable token network of Asdra and make real-time global transfers. Through the use of a smartphone, our customers are able to easily access our financial services regardless of where they are located.

Asdra Move offers

  • Send money back home instantly with lightning-speed Cross-border transfers
  • Best exchange rate, near to Zero Fees, and secure with our very own stable token
  • The off-ramp to cash with our regulated partners
  • Receive cash fast
  • Designed to make it easy for everyone to use

What differentiates Asdra

1. User experience. Asdra takes into consideration that users are central to our methods of forward-thinking design from every aspect. With Asdra, all the difficult user-onboarding is replaced with a simplicity that can be enjoyed by anyone.

2. Re-imagined crypto wallets. With extensive research and months of testing. We have reimagined how users create and manage crypto wallets. Utilizing the wallet creation to hold and save on user devices and user clouds. No more writing or losing the keys.

3. Scalable transactions. With Cardano Smart Contract through Plutus Platform, transactions are sending through the most reliable network that has been redesigned from the ground up. Cardano Smart Contract will potentially enable Cardano to scale up to 2 million transactions per second.

4. Receive money fast and easily. Our partners who are money exchangers and convenience stores are everywhere. Our end to end service provides them with a backend application to manage the day to day transactions

5. Asdra Move is powered by a Semi-Algo Stable Token Fiat Collateral. Our Token Economy is one of a kind. Combining our Algorithmic Stable Token design with Fiat Collateral. We aim to provide 20+ currencies at launch.

Using the Asdra ecosystem, transactions can be executed instantly, and the app offers a fully decentralized structure of smart contracts and messaging networks. With no KYC required, users can simply download the app and sign up. With a single tap, users can store digital currencies, receive and send money without being restricted by any limitations. With Asdra Move, it is important to comply with global government regulations and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. Upon reaching the annual limit, users must submit a Personal Identification Number (PIN) application.

Asdra believes in financial freedom, equality, and changing low-income communities for the better. We would like to include everyone in the journey as we continue to build the future of finance. Chat with us on Telegram or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

ASDRA is more than a project. It’s a community!