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ASDRA Utility Token, The token that serves more than a utility and governance function

Asdra Inc.

Asdra Protocol is a decentralized platform that independently handles the Asdra Governance Token and all Algorithmic Stable Tokens FIAT: pegged currencies. ASDRA is the protocol utility token. ASDRA token is designed to ensure all network functions operate smoothly and to allow those who own ASDRA tokens to participate in the network’s operations.

ASDRA Token Primary Usage

ASDRA token has four primary uses on the Asdra Ecosystem:

1. Utility Token

ASDRA utility tokens can use them in trading platforms as well as for any fee charged by Asdra services within the Asdra Apps such as remittances fees and spread fees, interest on repayments at Dex Wealth, transaction fees, and withdrawal fees

2. Passive Reward Distribution

To ensure participation and collaboration of the Asdra Community, following the roadmap “The birth of new Star” until the launching of Asdra Protocol, users can benefit from a Staking reward allocated from tokenomic, staking will follow specific rules with weekly interest collected with Exchangers partners and Asdra Move App.

3. Governance Token

Users who own ASDRA Token can access to the governance platform that will allow holders to propose new ideas, vote for existing and future implementation of the platform includes the Asdra Marketplace voting.

4. Recapitalization Token

The ASDRA token also serves as “security insurance”, the protocol’s benefits cannot be subject to internal and external influences.

Advantages of hold Asdra Token

Keeping ASDRA Tokens for a long period of time will result in more value for the Token over time due to the systematic reduction of supply. In addition, holders of Asdra tokens can also store their tokens in the Asdra Wealth application and receive additional interest.

Token Distribution

The circulating supply of ASDRA tokens theoretically started at 250 million as a result of the community airdrop, Public ICO, Community & Exchange Development Fund. Between ICO, Community & Exchange Development Fund, and Early Stage Backers a total of 52% will be distributed to users.

Following the success of Private Sale 2. we are planning to run a public token sale very soon. StayKeep an eye on our social media accounts and our website for more updates.

To learn more about our technology, Asdra Move, the Asdra Protocol, Asdra Utility Token that binds the ecosystem, join our community!