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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain do not fulfill basic financial services

Asdra Inc.

At least in the financial sense, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the world. A blockchain is a decentralized, secure, and transparent way to record financial transactions in one place. The public nature of the transaction information makes it a verification tool, while the decentralized nature of the data makes it faster and more secure.

Blockchain technology could change the way money is exchanged around the world and solve many of the problems that plague the current financial system.

Electronic money is not new. As the Internet became more widespread, new technologies were deployed, creating a demand for new electronic means of payment. The real innovation is retail electronic payments and the use of the Internet as a money system. As a result, money today is a prefabricated piece of information on a microprocessor or database. Without a doubt, blockchain technology has the potential to solve traditional financial challenges as it can benefit regulators, financial institutions, and individuals in many ways.

Nevertheless, not all businesses are amenable to implementing blockchain into their existing services.

However, blockchains and crypto barriers do not make it easy for ordinary people to access basic financial services because they are not scalable, expensive proof-of-work blockchain fees apply, the currency is volatile, and it is difficult to use.

Blockchain wallets are a big deal now. It takes multiple steps to make a wallet. The private-public key can be tricky to manage and get crypto, not to mention the long wallet addresses. And the ability to buy crypto is limited in certain countries. But with a little more development, this technology could change how money is exchanged around the world, fixing a lot of the problems with the present financial system.

Asdra Move, a financial revolution at your fingertip.

We’re removing the “difficulties” of blockchain and making it a system that’s accessible from anywhere by anyone.

Re-designed from the ground up, Asdra Move is made easier to use. Offering instant, secure and transparent transactions. Asdra aims to provide access to and fulfillment of financial services using mobile devices for everyone.

To learn more about our technology, Asdra Move, the Asdra Protocol, Asdra Utility Token that binds the ecosystem, please visit ASDRA



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