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The Asdra Protocol launches the Community Round Private Sale for 200 winners

Asdra Inc.

Asdra recognizes the strength of the community in preparation for the launch of MVP and the protocol development and would like to engage and invite the community to show support and give feedback.

In an effort to say thanks and give back to the community, Asdra is holding a private sale for 200 winners.

The Community Round has opened on 14th March until 31st March

Requirements for participation

For more information of Raise click here

You can share your thoughts on the project and ecosystem, as well as the potential of the project to develop among unbanked populations.

The Asdra team will pay attention to the tips that are most informative and the most useful. Your chances of winning are higher the more tips you submit!

Prize money and number of winners

Prize: 200 lucky winners will be allocated a total amount of 10K Tokens for the Private sale round.

Token Metrics

* Vesting terms: 5% at TGE, 5% 1 month later, 7.5% per 12 months later.

* Number of winners — 200 people

* Num. of Tokens = 50 per person


ASDRA is more than a project. It’s a community!

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Our proposition is simple: to help people who are less fortunate grow by helping them send their hard-earned money home through internet and blockchain technology.

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A decentralized payment protocol, Asdra is revolutionizing global remittance, driven by our mission to “Banking the Unbanked.” Visit

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