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The Year 2021 Was the Year of Crypto

Asdra Inc.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the world was completely transformed the day Bitcoin was introduced. Cryptocurrency has changed the landscape of the financial sector. The idea of having a decentralized currency wasn’t new yet it looked so foreign. This is why when cryptocurrencies were first introduced, many people believed that a decentralized currency wouldn’t be able to work for long but they were very wrong.

The State Of Blockchain and Crypto Adoption In 2021

In 2021, Cryptocurrencies have become more important than ever before. Not only are people investing and trading at the individual level but many businesses around the world have also started to adopt cryptocurrencies. However, it is not as common as of yet as people would expect it to be.

This widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies is known as Crypto Adoption. And many people that there will be a mass adoption event occurring only a few years from now. With the speed at which people started to adopt cryptocurrencies in 2020 and 2021, it is only a matter of time for cryptocurrencies to reach mass adoption.

What Does Mass Adoption Relate To In Terms Of Cryptocurrency?

Mass Adoption is a term that is used for an event that financial experts believe will inevitably happen in the near future. It is related to the general acceptance of cryptocurrencies by businesses the same way traditional currency is accepted. With cryptocurrencies being so strong you might ask yourself why we haven’t reached mass adoption yet. Well, it is because of the restrictions by the governments. Mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is inevitable however it will not be without some reservations from the governments and federal banks of each country.

The Year 2021 Was the Year of Crypto

The year 2021 saw a boost in Cryptocurrencies. Not only did their valuation increase but they also reached some of the major industries in the world. The crypto market cap reached a record-high $3 trillion and who can forget how crypto’s cultural influence reached its peak with Elon Musk pumping the value of a cryptocurrency only with a few tweets and media appearances.

Industries That Have Adopted Cryptocurrencies

Up till 2021, companies from many different industries adopted cryptocurrencies. These industries include technology, financial services, hospitality, electronics, whole food, e-retail, telecommunication, airlines, and many others.

Future of the Crypto Adoption

The future of Crypto Adoption is very bright. No matter, how strong the opposition is, mass adoption is inevitably bound to happen. With such a good 2021 for cryptocurrencies, the world is looking towards an even better 2022. We can only expect more companies to start adopting crypto in 2022.

A decentralized economy may not be good for the people in charge but it is good for the general public and there is nothing that can stop the public from dealing in Crypto.

Asdra is among the companies that use blockchain and crypto to build global remittance solutions. The goal of our company is to develop cutting-edge solutions and to bring adoption to all people in the most sustainable and best way possible.

May 2022 be a great year. Happy New Year to you all.

ASDRA is more than a project. It’s a community!



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