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What we don’t know about Cryptocurrencies

Asdra Inc.

The idea of blockchain technology was to decentralize information and power, but in practice, it is almost impossible for most people to use cryptocurrencies because of their complexity. Cryptocurrencies have been limited to tech-savvy people or people with enough patience to understand how it works. In addition, crypto payments are difficult to use for everyday needs because very few sellers accept them.

There is no question that cryptocurrency assets should be protected with multiple wallets (offline and online), but the user experience is not great. The tedious user experience makes it less likely that the general public will choose crypto payments if they have to remember more digits every time they want to sign up.

While it is true that blockchain and cryptocurrency is an emerging technology with a variety of potential applications, the field still has a long way to go. Cryptocurrency is based on technology that provides an immutable, decentralized, and transparent distributed database of digital assets that businesses can use for their supply chain operations.

Yet not all companies are well suited to adopt blockchain into their existing supply chain because they lack knowledge about the benefits of the technology.

In addition to these barriers, cryptocurrencies do not fulfill basic financial services for the masses due to non-scalability, expensive proof-of-work blockchain fees, volatility of the currency, and difficulty of use. To ensure a high level of security, a person must follow a long and complex registration process that most people will find complicated. However, there are many areas where we can do better.

Asdra aims to build an ecosystem to solve the above difficulties. To succeed in a fast-paced and ever-changing technology, Asdra is building a full suite of protocols and applications by leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized protocols.

We believe that users should not have to deal with bureaucracy and complications associated with blockchains. We are essentially removing the “difficulties” from the blockchain equation and building a system that is accessible to anyone from anywhere.

To learn more about our technology, Asdra Move, the Asdra Protocol, Asdra Utility Token that binds the ecosystem, please visit ASDRA

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