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Jan 10th, 2024, marked the 10th annual ASGTG Amazon Sellers event. ASGTG is a multi-platform network of Amazon sellers that connects the entire seller community. The free group alerts sellers of nuances happening in the seller’s community and group sources seller issues. It also surfaces one-off horror stories to Amazon executives, runs petitions, and offers various other free services to legitimate sellers.

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Once a year, I run an event where many sellers gather to hear up-to-date presentations for Amazon Sellers, meet major sponsors, enjoy great food and drink, and network with each other.

This year’s event featured over 1000+ attendees and an additional 100 on live stream (Thanks ESQ). Everyone agreed this was our best event ever. The food, as always, was outstanding and plentiful.


The event was kicked off on Jan 9th, the night before, with an NHL game in a private suite with 60 ASGTG members. The game was a blast, and the Islanders took on the Canucks, the team with the most points. The Islanders lost 4–1, but the food and networking were a lot of fun. The event was sponsored by Fluz. Around 1/2 of the event sponsors set up at the venue before the game, which allowed everyone to be calm for the game.

The morning of the event started early as sponsors and attendees began rolling in as early as 7:00 am. The excitement was palpable. Visit all sponsors.

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Yael Cabilly — Beating Goliath: Fighting the Worst Legal Battles on Amazon.

Jon Derkits — Top 10 hacks that I’m using in my businesses heading into 2024.

Kaleigh Miller — Social Commerce: What is it, and how do Sellers win?

Kevin King — 21 Brand New Kool Kid Hacks for 2024 (and three secrets never before shared)

Tim Jordan — Ranking and Launching in 2024 — White-Hat Rocket Fuel to Get your Sales Flying

Jason Hanan — The Amazon Pricing Puzzle: cracking the code

Mark Casey — What makes a perfect listing?

You can purchase the presentations here.

My Takeaways.

  • Sellers seemed frustrated with Amazon’s continued lack of communication.
  • Sellers are concerned with the increased amount of Chinese sellers
  • Sellers are optimistic about e-commerce but are aggressively trying to diversify.
  • Sellers are disappointed with Amazon holding funds with no due process.

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