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How to Create a stunning GitHub Profile Readme?

GitHub Profile

Have you tried GitHub recently launched a profile readme feature?

If you haven’t tried it, believe me, it’s really easy to make your profile readme.

Let me explain why I am saying it’s that much easy to make.

Firstly, You need a GitHub profile undoubtedly!

Next, you have to just go to the GitHub feed page and start to create a new repository like you do all the time when you try to upload anything on GitHub.


You just said that I have to create a repository?

Yes, You have to create a repository, but before you finish creating a brand new repository, there is a little change in the plan.

The change is while deciding a repository name you have to enter your GitHub user name.

And the best way to find your user name is to go to the GitHub Profile section and copy your user name.

You will get a message from GitHub when you will enter your user name as the repository name. It’s an indicator that you have created your GitHub profile readme.

Don’t forget to mark “Initialize this repository with a README”.

By initializing README, you will get a page like this.

Congratulation, Your GitHub Profile Readme is ready.

But it’s still incomplete.

Now, you have to decorate your profile README.


Here, I have used a very simple template to design my profile readme. If you want, you can apply your creativity to try different designs.


You can add your social media accounts(Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc).

Add your best projects link,

Add your portfolio link,

Add blog links, YouTube Channel links, etc.

Inspiration profiles for different looks.


Thanks for reading.

Happy Contribution.



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