Seeking A Curator for Ashe. It’s lit.

We are Ashe, a newly launched quarterly digital literary magazine and salon series based in DC. We’re so Black, so Queer, and so in love with the District. Our Board of Curators is currently seeking a fourth member who will have a love for all things literary and a desire to hold space for Black queer and trans writers to share their best work. The time commitment is not as much as you might think. We don’t care about your MFA or lack of a degree. And most importantly, we do this because we recognize the literary arts as crucial in speaking power to and liberating ALL Black lives.

We have to be really honest though. While we seek to work with all types of folks in the community, we’re looking for someone who has a strong background in writing (of any kind or genre, really), attention to detail, genuine desire to collaborate, has creative vision, is reliable and has great taste. The right candidate will identify as Black and queer/trans. We are intentional about trans and femme representation on our team. No, this position will not be compensated monetarily. We have one conference call and one or two meetings each quarter. If you’re not local to DC, telecommuting is an option. This is why reliability and self-management is a must. You feel us?

Submit your bio, resume, and answer the following questions to be considered for this position on our fly ass Board (at

What are you reading now / have you read in the past six months that’s dope? Give us a feel for it in less than 400 words.

Which writers, poets, literary magazines do you follow?

How do you position yourself as a writer or creative, in the current movement for Black lives?

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