This Guy Live Tweeted A Comedian Live Tweeting Something In An Attempt To Go Viral

Stay tuned. I’m going to live tweet this desperate comedian live tweeting something in an attempt to go viral.

10:26 AM — 11 Aug 2016

He’s been at this Starbucks for two hours already, poking around on Facebook, trying to think of “work” to do.

10:28 AM — 11 Aug 2016

At one point I saw him open up a word doc called “Sketch Ideas” and literally just highlight random portions of text for ten minutes.

10:31 AM — 11 Aug 2016

Awesome. He’s spotted something kind of wacky, but also kind of relatable. Pretty good candidate for a live tweet.

10:33 AM — 11 Aug 2016

K cool. He just opened Twitter on his phone. He’s v excited.

10:33 AM — 11 Aug 2016

First tweet out. He’s alerted his followers that he’s going to live tweet the event. He’s excited to show off his comedic voice.

10:35 AM — 11 Aug 2016

I guess some casting director at a comedy theater told him that he needed to hone his comedic voice. I dunno.

10:36 AM — 11 Aug 2016

His first tweet did okay. Got a couple likes. He’s loving the serotonin rush from “accomplishing something”

10:38 AM — 11 Aug 2016

He fired off the second tweet in the series. Not performing as well, but that’s to be expected. He’s proud of his second observation.

10:41 AM — 11 Aug 2016

Whoa, mid-tweet his phone started ringing. Hold on. I think it’s his dad. He’s thinking about it… Sent him to voicemail. Cool, it’s still on!

10:42 AM — 11 Aug 2016

Into his third tweet now. Looks like he’s considering exaggerating the event to make it funnier.

10:43 AM — 11 Aug 2016

He’s adding a hashtag this time. He’s kinda hoping that might get the tweet more attention.

10:43 AM — 11 Aug 2016

Hold up he’s getting a text. Can’t make out the whole thing but looks like it’s from his dad. Something about being concerned about his life

10:44 AM — 11 Aug 2016

Cool. He ignored it. Back on Twitter. He’s losing steam. Clearly wanted more likes by now.

10:44 AM — 11 Aug 2016

Heading to the bathroom now. Asked the woman next to him to watch his laptop. She’s not watching it though.

10:45 AM — 11 Aug 2016

Sorry for the delay. He’s back but he’s just been staring at a half-completed tweet for 10 minutes.

10:56 AM — 11 Aug 2016

He just trashed his tweet. Set his phone back on the table. Staring out the window now.

10:58 AM — 11 Aug 2016

Okay, looks like it’s over. He’s back on Facebook now. Writing a status about a show he has tonight at midnight. Has a cool poster though!

11:07 AM — 11 Aug 2016