Pictures from the Joanna Staniszkis Fall/Winter 2016 Trunk Show

Joanna Staniszkis is a Canadian textile artist whose commissioned works hang in several of the world’s most prominent buildings. She has exhibited throughout Europe and North America, and in her work, draws on an education at the Fine Arts Academy in her native Poland, studies at the School of the Chicago Art Institute and, in a continuous search for inspiration and textiles for her absolutely unique and one of a kind collection, a repertoire of travels around the world.

Through a reflective, thoughtful, and intimate process of hand dying, printing, and pleating, and using simple patterns that allow the most essential nature of her silks, cottons, and wools to breathe take life, and speak for themselves, her fabrics are carefully shaped into individually inspired garments, meant to gracefully transform those who wear them in much the same way.

Her latest fall collection for Ashia Mode, which was available for only 3 days last week, was created on two continents, blending elements of French elegance with a lively, yet still sophisticated Canadian born informality which she expresses through the fabrics that are crisp, fresh, and coloured like jewels. As always, her collection is unique, timeless, and special in ways that simply defy any of the rules of conventional fashion.