An open Letter to Prince Harry ( Henry Charles-Albert-David) From Nepal!

prince harry of wales

Bouddhanath, stupa
 Kathmandu, Nepal

Date: Friday, July 18, 2017


Hello And Namaste to you sir Prince Harry from the Himalayas! Last year in March 2016, when you came to visit our country Nepal, just after the massive earthquake, it was indeed a huge privilege for all of us. Our country was not only physically destroyed but also mentally weak. And your presence provided us a huge mental and emotional support –sir, your presence helped us to cheer up and cherish again. Thus, I and my country is grateful that you share some of your valuable time to step in our land and lived with us for a moment.

I will always honor and respect you for that.

If you are reading this, then sir I am really-really honored and very gladdened that you got my letter. And Sir! Wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I hope you are doing great. I am also doing well.

Yesterday, as I saw your interview on the internet about “mental health” I felt relieved that someone stronger is standing on the side of the ones who are weak and who has always been considered “weak”. And I find myself writing to you because I am really thankful to you. These types of news do not come necessarily on daily basis. Your positive support for mental health campaigns along with your honorable brother Prince William and Katharine has been a lot of the people who are working in this field — as well as to the one who is the victim of the issue.

Mental health problems affect people of all ages and all backgrounds. And I have always seen people not being as concerned about mental health. We often see mental health as a stigma and the way people look at the victims with down casted attitudes and lowly behaviors is really disheartening.

But the bravery lies in those who speak for not only themselves but for others. And you did the same as you talked about your own experiences to help to smash the stigma around mental health and I am sure this will help millions of people to realize they are not alone. You did that and I will tell you did great. Your public service is really-really appreciated.

Depression is the most widespread illness on earth. 800000 thousand people kill themselves annually due to the mental problem; it is more than people dying from natural disaster. We are being more anxious, we are being more stressful. I can tell that because I am myself a depression survival. I was alone, fragile, weak. And why I survive and get out of this darkness is because I was constantly surrounded by this type positive news.

Mental illness is a real crisis, and it is more visible day by day in our neighborhood and in our country and in our earth. The feelings of internal chaos and breakdown that come after a deliberate shut-down of emotion. The emotional blockade, society pressure, and a lot of things are the main reason. People bottle up their emotions. They suppress, they push, and they lie about their emotions. Finally, they end up in a fierce battle with their illness and themselves. Sometimes they win, most other times their illness.

They don’t want to speak out. There is a lot of shame attached to mental illness, but it’s important to you know that there are hope and a chance for recovery.”

You, sir Harry has once experienced this. However the fact about you bravely opening up about the battle with mental illness shows the world, you are not alone.

It’s inspiring to see you (Prince Harry) speaking out about your experiences. It shows that how far we have come in changing public attitudes to mental health that someone so high-profile can open up about something so difficult and personal.

Your encouragement will make people talk about their mental health. Not only talk I hope but to support as well, to heal as well.

I am sharing this to you because you have given me courage, a hope, a ray of light, an aspiration. You have assured us that it’s not wrong to talk openly about mental health, something that affects us all directly.”

And in the end I want to say — you have a beautiful soul.

Talking about me I’d like to say, let’s focus on messages, not to messengers. However, if you like to know, I am Ashish katwal from Nepal. I am nineteen years old. And I have been working on a project “Emotionally healthy city”. Our mission is to bring back the forgotten love and smile of our nation. We vision to make everyone emotionally healthy.

Our project also saw the necessity- to help people with mental conditions and problems. We are avoiding using negative words like depression and mental, cause people are afraid of these dark words. Thus instead of sad, we prefer to use unhappy, emotional instead of mental.

I don’t know if this little logic of changing language will work or not. I don’t know a lot of things. However, All I know is there is the demand of our project in villages, city, country, and planet.

And for the project, we are working on only on a background level. And to write you today- All I hope is that (Prince Harry)- A message from you would be a great support for our project

It’s time to make the help and support that was available to a prince available to all. The support we all have been craving for.

And I have little fear asking for you this -to reply us. Fear, if this is too much, I am asking from a prince. You are a prince and you have very high profile whereas I am a normal boy (a peasant) whose parents have to rethink if I ask them $10 for pocket money.

However, I gett motivated again when I remember that we live on the same planet. And our planet needs more love, more healing, more kindness, more empathy, more positivity, and more human connection. And that is what I have been working for. And that is why I am writing for.

Love from the Himalayas,

Thank you, prince Harry!

Sender: ashish katwal


Country: Nepal