What happens when an ambition is lost in a person?

“What happens when an ambition is lost in a person, the person is lost.
What happens when a dream is deferred, the future is lost.”

It happens; you can go through an Existential crisis in life. You can search meaning of life and also read poetry and philosophy and psychology and literature and more.

However the truth is Memento mori -remember you are mortal.

Life is short. How long will you exist. 80 years more, 90 years more or 50 years more. Do you think this is a long time? If you will life for anything that does not brings you satisfaction. Then you are just spending time on bullshit.

And if you are spending time on bullshit it is really not tolerated by me.

I want to do some change.

The amount of time you spend on bullshit will determine your life.

What I have acknowledged till now is that you do not have to work for money. Work for a cause, work for a change.

Work for a reason that you are a human and you help to help another fellow man.”

And that is the reason why I work.

At the end of the day what matters in life is what matters to your heart.

So do not waste time things that do not matter.

And now you are going to say “what would other think and what would others say?

How would my parents or society or country react.

Then I will give you a quotation my dear friend

“Those who mind they do not matter
And those who matter they do not mind”

The truth is that those things are nothing but an illusion. a fallacy. Each day there will be endless thoughts in your mind which are nothing but the shadow of reality.

What is reality?

Reality is what you decide it is!