Why are we so sad- Reasons To Remain sad!

Sadness means to be unhappy, sorrowful, dejected, regretful, depressed, downcast, miserable, downhearted, down, despondent, despairing, disconsolate, out of sorts, desolate, bowed down, wretched, glum, gloomy, doleful, dismal, blue, melancholy, melancholic, low-spirited, mournful, woeful, woebegone, forlorn, crestfallen, broken-hurted, heartbroken, inconsolable, grief-stricken and so on.

If you ever use these kinds of words to describe your emotion, You are probably sad. And I am glad that you are sad. But, If you are still happy, Please read this article to the end and be sad.

Forget Happiness. Focus on Unhappiness.

Because Happiness will have no meaning without sadness. You see, to appreciate sunrise you must see sunset too otherwise both will lose meaning without each other. To know happiness you must also have to experience sadness to otherwise it will have no meaning and eventually there will be a graveyard in your heart where all emotions are dead.

“Sadness can fill us with appreciation for the good we’ve lost”

An individual experiencing sadness may become quiet or lethargic, and withdraw themselves from others. An example of severe sadness is depression. crying is often an indication of sadness.

I just had my breakup or I lost my money or I am a failure. Just like that, It is not the subjective sadness which I am going to talk about. I am going to talk about the objective sadness, The universal sadness which is equally applied in all human beings. The only Problem with this sadness is some are realized and some are not. So let’s go through the following and be realized about the sadness:

1. You are dying, as everyone else is:

Death is inevitable, we are all born mortal, and until now, death has been our destiny-the fear, the end. It is the place where our consciousness transcendence to be nothingness. I do not want to die, I want to live, I want to know the meaning of life. I want to know why I came to exist; I want to know where I was before my birth. I want to travel the world, also to universe .But; I have to die one day leaving all my questions unanswered. I have to leave this world without knowing the worth of my existence.

2. Nothing is certain:

We cannot be certain of anything. It means we don’t know anything and that’s the only thing we can be certain about. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Everything changes.

But, something might be certain. As, Benjamin Franklin said “In this world nothing is certain, except death and taxes.”

3. Nobody understands you, not even yourself:

Have you heard a quote ‘trust nobody, not even yourself?”

Everything that comes in your head is not true.Communication has always been a struggle of one’s life, we want to communicate with other people and more than that we want them also understand us and truly no one can understand yourself.

4. The future is beautiful:

There will be advanced medicines, lifespan of people will increase. Life standard of people will rise. Many mysteries of universe will be solved. People will become rational enough to not to involve in war. All the labor would be removed by robots. The future holds So many possibilities and optimistic values. but, it is not possible for you to exist in the future. You are trapped in this present.

5. This universe is infinite:

Infinite is which goes on forever .The whole universe is huge, infinitely huge, and we have limited lifespan. In this short amount of our time we try to understand this infinity. But our trying remains abandoned when we are dead. What is the smallest number? Its negative infinity and the largest number is positive infinity. When will we ever know this.

6. We do not have free will:

Free will is the ability to choose between two possibility.

But we don’t have one. Everything you choose is based on your personality. The food you like, the people in your life is all based upon your characteristics and personality. And all the root of your personality is written in the codes of your DNA.

So you don’t have free will, you are programmed like a computer and scientist have figure out they can recode your DNA then you are likely to be different person.

So how can you assure yourself as a person with independent free wish.

7. Remember, God is dead:

As Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher often use this term ‘god is dead’. Most people were excited back then. But we soon came to realize, if god is dead all the rules of universe, all the beliefs are gone. It is indeed an irony, when god is dead there is no one to look upon us.

8. The majority of People is always wrong:

It is an interesting majoritarian fact. When it comes to performance or any work majority has been wrong. When majority of people believed earth is flat, the killed Copernicus for telling lie that earth is round.

This is what happens the truth is distorted by majority of people.

And we social being psychologically believe what majority say is true make the truth even false.

The majority is always wrong the minority is rarely true.

9. you are as unique as everyone else is:

you are no different, like everyone else you are just an speck of dust in this vast universe. what is different between a drop of water in an ocean, they are all same, they are al equal.

we wish to be special, we wish to be feel different and unique. we want ourselves to be central character in our life. however as a deeper truth. we are all same, nobody’s is different.

12. love is not real:

Love cannot be defined, and how can you know the thing which you cannot define is real. they say love is evil.


13. There is no true reality:

Maybe everything is an illusion, we are computer synapses, our brain maybe attached to a superficial computer and this reality is our dream as we have seen in the movie matrix. Or our life is a game. Someone is playing us like we play video games.And we all are living in a giant computer simulation

14. Expectation Hurts:

We feel sad because of the unfulfilled expectations which we have created for our lives. These expectations come through our perception of the world and the people living in it. we expect certain things to happen and when it doesnot meets there is suffering and sadness.

Before ending I would like to say why I write an article about sadness,

I wrote this because I have suffered from an irrevocable loss, I am going through an existential anxiety. And I wrote this not as a confrontation or fear from these matters. But I wrote this cause I really think if I need to find an way to overcome these things. I do not want sadness and by chance if I win over it then there will be no sadness at all.

Sadness is a state of mind just like happiness is. It is the condition or quality of being sad.”
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