Self Proclaimed Critics

These days, a new trend of virtual world is in air, i.e. Becoming Critic of things, it belongs to politics, court-decision, news, movies, cricket, religion, person & bla bla bla a lots of shitty things.

Basically those who failed in their lives, who achieved nothing, finally become critics. Hatred is their motto, which is easily get reflected in their writings, speeches, cartoons, or whatever medium or platform they are using. They are self-proclaimed critics.

Here it is necessary to clear that all failed ones become critics, but all critics aren’t failed persons.

Most interestingly, the hate has wings & travel much more faster than air. So they always show their frustration, failure, negativity in their writings.

Even the society, the public also demand to listen that Spicy-Salty-Dramatic-Molded-Half truth in an angry dramatic way. The society is also one side divided that they even refuse to listen the views contrary to them, which is the reason of such self proclaimed social media critics.

But they need to think at least are they in right direction of criticism? Are they trapped frog of well, for which, the well is the only world? But most of them are so pseudo-arrogant, frustrated, failed & prejudiced that they even refuse to listen their own inner soul’s voice.

Only God help them & all the best to those.

By the way, criticizing the critics make me to stand in this league of critics. LOL. Now God help me.