Awesome people I’ve gotten to work with that liked me too

Ansira October 2015 — October 2016

I had the privilege of working with Ashley for a year at Ansira, and collaborated closely with her on a number of large projects. Ashley is impressively knowledgeable of her industry, and is passionate about creating work that is effective, using practices supported by testing and evidence. I continue to use what she taught me to this day in order to strengthen my own designs and how to use data to more competently defend them.

Matt Potter, Art Director at Ansira

Global Media Outreach May 2013 — October 2015

Ashley is a dedicated employee who has a vision for the future, knowledge of how to get there, and determination to get the job done. She moves very quickly and thrives in a start up environment where tasks may be ambiguous, need ownership, or a champion to move them from conception to production.

— Justin Miller, Director of Information Technology at Global Media Outreach

Ashley gets stuff done. She is tenacious at hitting deadlines and being productive. At the same time, she possesses great vision, especially with her so new in her career.
Ashley was key at developing and launching our primary discipleship platform so that it scales to other languages and owners. She designed the site including the UX/UI while removing the dependency on her to grow the tool.

— Aaron Bloss, Director of Digital Distribution at Global Media Outreach

Taggable Stories 2014

I had the great opportunity to have Ashley perform a user experience review for my Taggable Stories application. Ashley immediately identified areas where my design needed necessary improvements. What I valued the most was how she was able to communicate to me as a developer several insightful suggestions that helped me make the right changes in order to avoid frustrations that my current users were experiencing with the app. Ashley also designed beautiful UI elements that gave my app a new spark. I am really pleased with the flexibility and quality of Ashley’s work, I would definitely seek her advice on future projects.

— Eliezer Rodriguez, developer of Taggable Stories

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