The 2017 Year of Resolutions

This mostly worked for me last year, so I’m trying it again with some modifications. As I was thinking about this, I was having a hard time picking goals. I did pretty well last year and I’ve become fairly disciplined in some habits, and I wasn’t sure I really could take on anymore. I remembered this wasn’t necessarily about habits — and I needed to find more creativity in expanding my horizons!


Goal: Have House in reasonable shape
How: Work at it! Finish painting one more upstairs bedroom and get the remaining art up, plus any outlets/lights that Paul is willing to do.

Update: Yes! We have lights! Outlets! Painted walls! We can find our things! Winning all around.


Goal: Resume fitness routine
How: I’ve somewhat been ok about this. I have a Planet Fitness membership, but I’d still like to find a place similar to SunStone where I was. P.S. SunStone I miss you like crazy.

Update: I found MadPower Training Center, which I hate to say it…I think I might like better than Sunstone O.o


Goal: Find doctor, dentist, and other things now that we’ve moved.
How: Ask for recommendations and get new patient appointments scheduled.


Goal: Work through the 30 Day Drawing book
How: Each day, set aside 15–20 minutes to practice drawing.


Goal: Bike around Madison to do things.
How: Get on bike. Go!


Goal: Read 3 books I’ve been meaning to get around to
How: 1 book/week, with a stretch week left for vacation


Goal: Start having monthly game nights
How: Take the plunge and start inviting people over


Goal: Make a print of a lettered verse
How: Week 1 — draft, Week 2 — Digitize Week 3– Refine, Week 4 — Print!


Goal: Get dermatologist consultation and learn how to take better care of my skin. Also consider buying that expensive conditioner. 
How: Save up spending money for it




Goal: Write a note to 31 people about being thankful for them
How: It doesn’t have to be extravagant or long, just a mailed or digital note.


Goal: Learn to Ski (at some point this year)
How: There are ski resorts near us, just need to go to one!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Something may happen in a month that may make a goal completely unobtainable. That’s fine — I will adjust the goal. The premise here is to not give up and to continually make progress.

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