Ashoka Indonesia Report (2) ・ 上には上がある。日本のYouth Venture が掲げたいビジョン

28th May 2017

My next post is about how to nurture the community of young change makers. 下に日本語でも少し書きました。

With already 83 teams over the course of only 5 years, Ashoka Japan has one of the leading and the strongest network of young change makers in our Youth venture Program.

Or, that’s what I had thought…

The environment of change-making among youth in Indonesia is super different from Japan.

Last Tuesday I attended an event organized by an alumnus of Ashoka Indonesia Young Change Maker (similar to YVer in Japan). His name is Aziz and now he is working for a startup called

We are a dedicated team that puts you & your social causes first, transforming the way we build a better future, one #ForChange campaign at a time.

Aziz is hosting a networking event every month and I was lucky to attend during my short trip in Indo.

Former Ashoka Youth Venturer, Aziz!

The people in the event were diverse, but most were young people working either on their own project or an organization based on their passion for solving a particular social issue.

The purpose of the event was to help accelerate the impact of young social change makers.

The event went like this:

Introduction to the event & purpose of the event
5 presentations of social projects run by youth
Q&A session regarding the presentations before
Brainstorming ideas about how other participants can collaborate and contribute to the 5 projects
Networking time among all participants
The Networking Cards

The event had over 90 people! So it’s just like our ‘we are the change event’ we host in Tokyo right?

But these people were not Ashoka YVers or in any way related to Ashoka.

They were normal university students simply having their own projects seeking support from their peers, or youth working for companies or organizations supporting social impact.


Number 1: In Indonesia, it is not that special to take action for solving a social issues, compared with Japan

Number 2: There is already a networking environment for these young social change makers to come together and support each other

So my vision for the Youth Venture Program in Japan is not only to be strong community, but to create a movement and a social change where it is normal for young people to be creating their own innovative projects to approach issues that they are concerned about. And also for Japan to have a stronger understanding and supporting system for these people. We need to start thinking beyond the current Ashoka Japan Youth Venture program and ask ourselves, how can this YV community change the culture of social change-making in Japan?