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In the Battle of Yield event hosted on May 2022, approximately 1,200 Warrior joined the battle & tested AshSwap’s features, and most of the feedback we have received so far is positive; we thank you so much for all the kind words, support, and sometimes event hype.

This October, AshSwap would love to invite you to join our second Battle of Yields to help us achieve the following goals:

  • Second, to create a testing environment on Devnet, which provides the closest experience to Mainnet, so users know what to expect and have time to find out the best practice for their yield farming strategy.
  • Finally, to collect data on related parameters like liquidity, trading fee, and farming APY…, we can calibrate and optimize those.


  • Everyone starts with the same amount of tokens. You can perform any actions on AshSwap and Maiar Exchange, such as swap, provide liquidity, stake LP tokens, yields boost, and stake ASH to increase your total holding value and win the Battle of Yields.
  • Only registered accounts will have access to test funds.
  • The final amount will be denominated in USDC based on the spot price at the event’s ending time. EGLD on testnet is not counted as a part of the amount.
  • All the fraudulent acts will result in disqualification from the contest. The following actions, including but not limited to, are considered cheating:
  • Transfer tokens provided from the test fund to another wallet.
  • Use any other fund except the faucet sent to your wallet.

How to Join

  1. Visit our event page at (details will be updated soon)
  2. Register via the form:, the form will be closed at 13 October 16:00 UTC
  3. Login with Maiar & Connect with the registered wallet address
  4. Claim your event testnet tokens soonest before the starting time from the event’s faucet:
  5. Start farming when the time comes!


  • The competition begins on 15 Oct 08:00 UTC to Oct 29 08:00 UTC
  • The timeline and the details can be changed in the middle of the event if needed. We will make sure all the changes will not affect the fairness of the competition. Be aware and follow our announcements.

Event Reward

After the contest ends, we will conduct an analytical process and announce the winner.

Total reward of AshSwap Battle of Yields: $10.000

The rewards details will be updated soon

BoY Gameplay Detail

Will be updated on Oct 08

Climb to the top 3 of the leaderboard to win prizes. Users can perform all actions on AshSwap to earn. It can be holding tokens in speculation, providing liquidity, farming, yields boosting, staking ASH, etc. There are even more ways that we have not discovered. The limit is only your imagination.

The contest will end on 29 Oct 08:00 UTC, and AshSwap will announce the results once the data audit is complete.


1. Will this event run on all platforms?

Yes, you could use both PC, laptop & mobile, but we suggest using a popular web browser to avoid mistakes.

2. When will I receive my prize?

Submissions will be analyzed, and the winners and rewards will be announced after the events.

3. How do I make yields?

Swap tokens, deposit liquidity, deposit the resulting LP tokens in Farms, harvest rewards, repeat. The total value of your wallet counts towards your score, so make sure you maximize the “dollar value” through the most lucrative strategies and context-aware tactics.

4. How will the competition start?

Our event faucet at will be opened 8h before the Starting Time. You will be able to claim the same amount of testnet tokens & get ready for the battle.

At 08:00 UTC precisely, you will be able to access the Battle of Yields test platform & start having fun.

5. How to register for the AshSwap Battle of Yields?

You can register via the form:

6. Do I have to burn all of my current testnet tokens before joining BoY?

You do not have to, because tokens that will be used in the BoY event will be claimed from a separate faucet & do not affect your current testnet tokens, but, we still recommend you use a fresh new wallet to avoid any possible mistake.

7. Will the contest take place at Devnet or AshSwap’s Testnet?

The contest will be held on AshSwap Devnet, you can participate via the following link:

Important Rules

  1. Do not send xEGLD or tokens from your wallet.
  2. Do not use the fund received from others’ wallets. If you receive tokens, make sure you do not use the fund and forward all the received tokens to this burn address within 48 hours.


Any actions against the above rules will be considered fraudulent, and you will get disqualified from the final results.

Watch your wallet on the explorer or ask around for community tools to help you monitor it. Send any tokens you receive from other wallets, except the AshSwap Smart Contracts to the burn address.



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